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  • Advantages of the cooler in front of the kettle

    To date, the cooler has firmly entered the everyday part of our life and continues to gain popularity in front of its main competitor, the kettle. And this is explainable by a number of its advantages. More and more often we have to admit that the water from the tap is getting worse and far from always suitable for drinking without additional treatment. This problem is especially acute for residents of megacities and rapidly growing cities. Recent researches of scientists give us to ...
    Group: Water coolers
  • Review of the new model water cooler AquaWork 105L

    We present to your attention the video review of coolers Aqua Work 105L and Aqua Work 105LD. These models are designed in a new design and have additional functions: the function of forced heating and the function of protection from burns.
    Group: Water coolers


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