Advantages of the cooler in front of the kettle
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Advantages of the cooler in front of the kettle

Information is up-to-date: 10-04-2018

To date, the cooler has firmly entered the everyday part of our life and continues to gain popularity in front of its main competitor, the kettle. And this is explainable by a number of its advantages.

More and more often we have to admit that the water from the tap is getting worse and far from always suitable for drinking without additional treatment. This problem is especially acute for residents of megacities and rapidly growing cities. Recent researches of scientists give us to understand that even additional boiling does not make tap water 100% suitable for drinking. A boiling of clean drinking water at a temperature of 100 ° C kills in it so necessary for the human body mineral substances and salts.

Therefore, more often people prefer to buy a dispenser and use clean bottled water. The cooler is able instantly at a temperature of 98 ° C to brew a cup of your favorite fragrant tea or coffee, dilute baby puree. Want to just quench your thirst, please, room temperature water is available to you at any time. And in the summer heat it is so pleasant to feel the pleasant coolness from the throat of clean drinking water. And all these functions combine only one cooler.

Another advantage of using a cooler with bottled water is its mobility. It does not need to be connected to a central water supply system. For its operation, it is enough to have an electrical outlet and a bottle with clean drinking water, which you can pick up to your taste. Therefore, if you want, you can change its location. A cooler with purified drinking bottled water does not use filters, so it does not need to be replaced permanently.

The presence of the function "protection from burns" in the dispenser makes the cooler safe for children.

A wide range of Aqua Work equipment will allow you to choose the cooler for you. It can be with top or bottom loading, floor, with cabinet, refrigerator or desktop compact and small, with electronic cooling system or more efficient for offices with compressor cooling, different designs, colors and shades.

Have you decided to buy a cooler? Well, we will help you make the right choice.


The cooler is able to brew a cup of tea or coffee at a temperature of 98 ° C, dilute baby puree. Give you water at room temperature or cool in summer heat. And all these functions combine a cooler.