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Advantages of the cooler in front of the kettle

To date, the cooler has firmly entered the everyday part of our life and continues to gain popularity in front of its main competitor, the kettle. And this is explainable by a number of its advantages. More and more often we have to admit that the water from the tap is getting worse and far from always suitable for drinking without additional treatment. This problem is especially acute for residents of megacities and rapidly growing cities. Recent researches of scientists give us to ...

Review of the new model water cooler AquaWork 105L

We present to your attention the video review of coolers Aqua Work 105L and Aqua Work 105LD. These models are designed in a new design and have additional functions: the function of forced heating and the function of protection from burns.
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Akva Market, OOO

Wholesales of coolers and pomp for water.
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Cooler for Aqua Work 0.7-TK water, silvery, desktop, heating without cooling
Custom order 
Aqua Work 0.7-TK - a desktop cooler for water without cooling system, an alternative to the electric kettle at office and houses. The compact sizes - 29х25 cm (width and depth respectively) will not take a lot of place on a table; Accurate appearance; Excellent budgetary price; Convenient...
Group: Water coolers
Hand water pump AquaWork Dolphin Eco
In stock 
Pump for water Dolphin Eco The most popular hand pump, convenient and easy to use. It does not require a power supply. Made of durable food grade plastic may be used with standard container bottles 12, 13 and 19 liters. It operates on the principle of a mechanical pump. Water takes proportionally...
Group: Water pomps
Water cooler for Aqua Work 16-L/HLN(3L) white
Custom order 
Floor cooler for Aqua Work 16-L/HLN(3L) water with compressor cooling, a tank of high-capacity heating (3 liters) and 1200 W - the champion among dispensers. The heating element of the increased power (if to use without stopping) is capable to heat to 95-96 degrees all contents of a 19-liter...
Group: Water coolers
Water cooler AquaWork 16-L/EN(3L), white
Custom order 
Classic floor cooler AquaWork 16 L/EN (3L) is equipped with a powerful heating system (1200 W instead of 420-500 in conventional, and 700 W in "turbo coolers"). Convenient activation of drinking water tapes with a light pressure of the mug allows you to collect water with just one free hand. The...
Group: Water coolers
Water cooler Aqua Work 16-L/EN(3L), silvery
Custom order 
Classical a floor cooler for Aqua Work 16-L/EN(3L) water with the productive compressor cooling system and very powerful 3-liter tank for hot water. This dispenser is designed especially for installation in offices of the big companies where for a lunch break within an hour dozens of people will...
Group: Water coolers
Water cooler Aqua Work 16-L/EN-ST white, compressor cooling, the ECO function
Custom order 
The floor cooler of Aqua Work 16-L/EN-ST with the productive compressor cooling system of water is equipped with several additional options: Button of inclusion of the TURBO heating; Built-in Economy mode of electricity consumption; The indicator of the current water temperature in hot and...
Group: Water coolers
Water cooler  Aqua Work 36-TKN water white, only heating
Custom order 
A small table cooler for drinking water without cooling Aqua Work 36-TKN will serve as an excellent replacement for your old electric kettle in the office and at home. In one compact unit you get a combination of two devices: a device for dispensing from a 19-liter bottle (and you want to save...
Group: Water coolers
The Aqua Work 36-TWN water distributor white without heating and cooling
Custom order 
The desktop AquaWork 36-TWN water distributor for pouring of bottled drinking water from a 19-liter large bottle in a mug or a plastic glass.   Pay attention: Water distributors coolers do not heat and do not cool water. Technically such device represents the empty case of a usual desktop cooler...
Group: Water coolers
Stakanoderzhatel on magnets white - Aqua Work SN-1
In stock 
Stakanoderzhatel magnetic with disposable glasses - convenient addition to a cooler for Aqua Work water.  Capacity - 70 disposable glasses. The powerful magnet which is built in a substrate allows to fix an accessory in any flat place of a cooler chosen by you with the case from stainless...
Group: Glass-holders
The Aqua Work 0.7-TW water distributor white without heating and cooling
Custom order 
The desktop water distributor dispenser of Aqua Work 0.7-TW allows only rozlivatpityevy water from the large bottle established from above the device. Neither heating, nor cooling is provided in it. Actually the water distributor is a functional analog of a pomp. From right and from left faucets...
Group: Water coolers
Water cooler Aqua Work 16-L/EN white, floor, heating and compressor cooling
Custom order 
Classical model of a floor cooler for Aqua Work 16-L/EN water with compressor cooling, installation of a large bottle from above and ergonomic faucets like "pressing by a mug". One of the most bought dispenser models in the catalog of the company Akwa Market. Good productivity both on hot water,...
Group: Water coolers
Cooler for water Aqua Work 16-L / HLN white
Custom order 
Floor water cooler AquaWork 16-L / HLN productive with compressor cooling system. good for this class of apparatus for water heating parameters: 700 W, not less than 7 liters per hour and a temperature 90-96ºS; at least 2 liters of cold water per hour at a temperature not more 7-10ºS; steel...
Group: Water coolers


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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
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